Thursday, January 21, 2010

Power Shoulders

The most interesting thing in fashion this year has got to be the return of power shoulders. Balmain re-introduced shoulder pads in a way that no one could believe. Everyone fell in love with power shoulders. Of course, I am still looking for an affordable power shoulder look in real life.

As a college student, I am well - broke right now! But I am just waiting to get my hands on an awesome jacket with shoulders that make me look strangely boney yet attractive! The things we do for fashion!

Well, somehow, luckily, I came across the most beautiful dress. It has power shoulders just like I wanted and is a true vintage model. It is a classic dress that you would have seen in the days of Studio 54. This dress is by Casadei. It comes in a truly 80's influenced royal blue color. The front of the dress plunges in a deep v-neck and then rises to beautifully exentuated shoulders.

The shoulders are raised and slightly rouged. But the most attractive thing about this dress, is the blue beaded emborided patches on the shoulders. The look like wings almost. But it is incredibly awesome. The dress goes to mid-calf and also has a slit that goes up the middle of the dress.

The dress is also rouged in the front which allows you to get a slimmer waist. And do not forget to notice, that the back has a v-neck cut with a small tie that just seals the deal.

Find this dress on ebay! Buy it now or best offer!
PRICE $150

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shoulder pads & Knee High boots

The knee high boot.. its a big time trend this winter year so I couldn't hold back purchasing these really cute BCBG boots that have sparkly studs and buckle. It was on sale of course!lol Since this month is the perfect time to find great deals, I also got this really cute dress that comes with little millitary shoulder pads. I love it, just need a better belt for it..but I happen to find some really awesome resembelence with sl pieces. The cute dress is from Madsy, which comes with cool stud options on the pads and the over the knee boots are from The Abyss. I can't wait to wear these boots in rl! x0x0

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Lelutka estelle/sunkissed makeup 7
Hair: Maitreya jaiden in cocao
Dress: Madsy Anna Minidress in black
Shoes: The Abyss The catalyst in black
Shoes: BCBG knee high boots -black
Dress: Rachel by Rachel Roy dress-white

Faux Furs and Balenciaga

I have been wanting these booties forever! First, Kookie came out with a great version of the original Balenciaga shoes. Then, SLink came out with a near perfect version of the Sam Edelman Zoe boot. Gosh I want these sooo bad!!! I saw them on Urban Outfitters for $350 and they will probably sell out for the third time. Tell me someone, when have you heard of a shoe that sells out so many times over three years?!?!

Balenciaga came out with the original version in 2006. I think it freaked alot of people out. It was edgy, extremely tall, yet, incredibly alluring. The shoes cost a wopping $1800, that is if you were lucky enough to get your hands on them. Sam Edelman came out with an imitation later that can be seen on fashion icons like Mary Kate Olsen. Alot of people think she wears the original Balenciaga, however, she also owns the Sam Edelman version and wears them quite often.

It is nearly impossible to get the original version of these shoes. However, the Sam Edelman Zoe booties are a perfect accomodation. They are also a few inches shorter and much more "wearable". Personally, I love the Zoe booties for that reason. I like the little leather-chain straps. Take a look at which one you prefer. They are both amazing.

The left is Sam Edelman the right is Balenciaga.

The good thing about Second Life, is that it enables fashion lovers all over the world to play with their fashionista dreams. You can have your avatar rock anything for a very low price. I love to dress up my avatar the way I would dress up in real life. Everything that I blog is something that I would love to wear on the streets and something that I either own or am searching to find the perfect fit. You know how difficult it is to find the perfect chunky cardigan, or the perfect thigh-high boots. The Leopard faux fur jacket was a great find in Second Life today. It only cost $250L and it is by a Japanese designer. The store is named Pop Feel. It's a quest I love to take everyday when I walk into the mall or search on Ebay.

What am I wearing?
Boots : Slink - BeeBee Boots in Black
Skin : Lelutka Estelle Sunkissed Base
Jeans : Gigi Couture Black Denim Jeans
Coat : Pop Feel Leopard Faux Fur Coat
Hair : HTD Lux in Peppermint
Tank : Niniko White Tank
Eyelashes : MMS Photoshoot Eyelashes

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold+Wind=knits and scarves

This Winter seems to be colder than ever..well at least for me..somehow i've forgotten how cold it can get. During these seasons, chunky knitted sweaters and warm yummy scarves seems to be the cutest and smartest decision of your life!(a little exaggerated) anywaysies.. as many of you may know, this sweater is from the talented designer behind !!KiiToS. It's Uber adorable and comes with a hoodie as well. I freaking love it!lol. The perfect hair with this is the new releases from sixty-nine which comes with the cutest scarves and editable options.(studs, color etc.)Well people, enjoy the cold and wear cute sweaters and scarves so go buy some you buttcheeks!! xoxo <3


What was worn:
Skin: Lelutka Estelle sunkissed makeup 7
Hair: sixty-nine VERTE 03 knit scarf
Jacket: !!KiiToS Lentotahti long knit gown
Top: !ohmai highrise tank
Pants: Gigi Couture original denim
Shoes: Kao black fringe boots

Monday, October 12, 2009

Acid With A Chance of Diamonds

Hey you?! Do you love Balmain? Do you love acid washed jeans?
If only we were all rich and could buy all the things we wanted. But..we're not and we are in a middle of this little thing called - a recession. So that's when you level up some skills. We call them..bargain hunting skills. I am level 25 right now. Every time I buy something on Ebay I get experience points, and after awhile I level up. Well, I got these fabulous Balmain Inspired sandals that I am selling right now on ebay. These are a must have and they make any outfit that much better.

I can just where a simple v-neck with some skinny acid wash pants - add some Balmain style - BAM! You get super cool.

Below are some picks of the sandals I am selling on ebay. They are pretty similar to the Balmain ones and have good quality crystals for the price. They are a size 8, and I never worn them because I accidently purchased two. My loss = your gain.

Well I am wearing some lovely BDG acid wash denim that was on sale for like $40. Then a cute oversized fit tank I bought at a small boutique with a blazer from some time ago I used to wear for work.


If you are interested in buying these sandals please visit My Little Ebay Store.
These are so awesome and very unique.

On sale on E-bay for $30

Leather Crystals Studs

Leather, crystals,studs? Of course! You can't deny how leather is slowly taking over our closets. I just purchased this amazing leather jacket by Forever 21. Everyone knows Forever 21 because of their low prices and trendy items. This leather jacket is a must. The jacket is made out of a very realistic pleather, and comes with a lovely studded collar. What I love about this jacket is that you can pull up the sleeves and it holds a really great scrunched up look. The jacket only cost $50.00, which is not bad considering the studded detail.

I wore the jacket with a simple semi-transparent white v-neck shirt. These oversized shirts are necessary because they look good with anything! I mean absolutely everything! The jeans are by Silence & Noise, sold by Urban Outfitters, they are ripped and very skinny. They look great with practically everything and I got them on sale for $40!

 I want to make studded jeans, like the ones I made for Gigi Couture - but in real life. It would be great, but I need to find some jeans that I can experiment with. I want to destroy them and mess them up real bad. Hopefully, then they will come out beautiful.
D O     Y O U     L O V E     I T    ?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Megan Fox Vs. Kim Kardashian

he battle of the curvy vs. the thin. Both are beautiful women, but I am curious to know who do you think is sexier.

The vuluptuous vixen is famous for ... a big butt. Of course she has a very pretty face but her butt sticks out more than anything else. Kim Kardashian is only 5'2 but sure packs alot in that tiny frame. She use to weigh 128 pounds but has recently dieted to 113. Of course, she is still very vuluptious, and I don't think anyone will forget that behind. I wish I could have a little bit of her butt and boobs..would be nice. She has plenty to share.
Many people believe Kim has had plastic surgery to enhance her features. Well, it doesn't really matter to me because so many people get surgery now days in Hollywood, I wouldn't doubt it. And I dot have to say, that they did a very good job.

Recently Megan Fox has taken over the media by storm. She was always sexy, but recently something has just made her more sexy. Megan Fox comes in at 5'6 and weighs around 115 pounds and was asked by Director Micheal Bay to gain 10 pounds for her role in transformers. I am 5'6 and I weigh 120 and I think I am a skinny freak, but Megan Fox has a much better distribution of body fat than I do. And of course, she has a 22 inch waist!! I wish!! It is also rumored that Megan Fox got a nose job and possibly a boob job. However, I think I saw a slight diference in the nose, but it is so minute. If it is true though, that is the best surgeon in town and I would love to get his number, HIT ME UP!!

But one thing I have to say is that they both have really nice eyebrows XD

Well who do you think wins this battle??

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mark Sanchez vs. Tom Brady

Ok, I am not sure if too many people know who Mark Sanchez is, but I know alot of girls know who Tom Brady is. I am just curious to know who do you think is hotter.

Tom Brady : The All-Star

The renowned all-star quarterback of the New England Patriots. He is famous for being extremely accurate and confident. I don't think anyone is quite better then him. However, he was injured and was out for an entire year from the NFL. In which, he got married to Gisele, the Victoria Secret Model, and now they are living happily ever after. I hope he can get his act together, because after a year, his arm has got to be a little rusty. Also, you can imagine how a wife and getting married has to have an effect on a man.
But asides from that, take a good look at his physique and let's move on to the next guy.

Mark "Dirty" Sanchez : The Rookie

Of course he was famous as a USC Trojan, the young quarterback was drafted into the NFL by the New York Jets. I am a USC fan, I was kind of afraid that he wasn't quite ready and maybe he should have held off for another year. But, he is doing really good for a rookie! The mexican quarterback is onlyy 22 years old and he already has caught the eye of the giant media moguls who are putting his face on magazines, such as, GQ. He posed for GQ with super hot Estee Lauder model Hilary Rhoda, who now is his supposed girlfriend. Wow, two very attractive couples; Tom Brady and Gisele -- Mark Sanchez and Hilary!

But back to the main point! Who do you think is the hottest NFL player? Should Tom Brady keep the title, or does Mark Sanchez beat Tom Brady like he did last sunday?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leather & Studs

I think we are about to be overtaken by leather. I love it. Leather will be everywhere and mixed with our favorite fashion. Imagine a beautiful military styled jacket made out of leather. Imagine what forms that jacket can take with leather. Imagine a variety of leather shorts with metallic studs. Mixed with slit tights and ripped denims. I am talking about expensive destroyed clothing. Remember the leather vest that the rocker chick use to wear, well now it will be in my closet, and yes I like rock but I am no heavy metal girl. Oh, and you cannot go without some lace up booties. I am dreaming of some knee high ones at this moment.

Are you dreaming in leather?

Leather and Studs

I love to express styles of clothing on Second Life that I would actually wear in real life. Think of Second Life as a digital dresser for me to get ideas of what I want to buy next and if it will look good with, for example, the black slit jeans I have. Isn't it fascinating how Second Life can be used! :) Are you ROCKing leather?

Skin - Curio - Sundust Sunny Pure 2

Tank - Niniko Loose Tank White

Jacket - Aoharu - BT Leather Riders Vest Studded Black

Booties - J's Ankle Boots Round Black

Hair - DP Yum Yum - Barberyumyum 18 Black

Eyelashes - Crissy Designs - Magic Eyelashes

Tights - Gigi Couture Free Slit Tights (socks)

Shorts - Gigi Couture - Black Destroyed Shorts

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Military Inspiration

Everyone has heard of Balmain. I had a feeling, in the middle of 2008, that the next style - following te boho movement, which I still love - had to be military influenced. I imagined ripped destroyed denim, with those baggy oversized tanks, and of a course, a military jacket to top it off. But I would have never come up with the glitter detailed military jacket of Balmain. I loove this jacket. I imagined, of course all the extra buttons and straps, but more of the tassled shoulder pads and vintage patches and brooches. I hope I will be able to create my ideas on second life. However, being so busy, I hardly ever have time to make the items I draw on paper.

This is the Balmain that we all love.

Military Inspiration

I am just so obsessed with studs. I just bought myself those Balmain inspired sandals to wear with my acid washed jeans I got from Urban Outfitters. This is a similar look you can re-create in Second Life without spending too much.

Jacket - Milk Motion - My Belted jacket
Skin - LeLutka - London Revolution Light Makeup 4B
Eyelashes - Crissy Designs - Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Undershirt - Surf Couture - Driftwood Tank White
Jeans - Gigi Couture - Acid Washed Gray Military
Hair - Truth - Erin Chocolate
Heels - Maitreya Frenzy Dangerous

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Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey everyone!!! Gigi couture released new denim! includes ripped shorts in various colors all with belt and studd attachments, and Demin pants with cute lace covering them! Be sure to check it out now in Gigi Couture Mainstore @ Cupcakes!
And of course I will post, if you already don't know, Gigi Couture is doing a blogger appreciation with the talented Euni Kira!!! So be sure to stay tuned for all the goodies coming soon!!



Blogger Appreciation!
(p.s.- The tights seen below are a dollarbie! come pick it up! :D


New stuff!

Outfits Left to Right
Skin - Curio
Hair - Miria
Tank - Niniko - White loose tank
Denim - Gigi Couture - Blue Acid Washed Denim
Heels - Maitreya - Dangerous Frenzy Black
Hair - Truth
Skin - Curio
Tank - Niniko - Black Loose Tank
Denim - Gigi Couture - Gray Acid Washed
Shoes - Zero Style

Outfit Left to Right
Skin- League Skin
Shirt - Calmera - God T
Hair - Maitreya Bo - Coffee
Denim - Gigi Couture Lace & Denim gray
Shoes - Ncore - Stylus Platform Xtreme Heel
Bra - & Bean - To be alone with your touch
Tank Top - Spice & Sugar - Ripped Tank
Hair - Junwave - Nachi Black
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Agyness Who!!

Hello all!! So I havn't had a chance to post anything, or to even go on sl. This is because i've started college and been keeping busy!But i've decided to post about a model which has gotten my attention. Of course models like Lily Donaldson and bijou etc. have always been on my top pick, but Agyness Deyn has been my Favorite this time for her Unique style and look! Not to mention she's pretty kool! I did a little tribute to the tomboyish super model!!


Agyness style


Five O'clock Heroes feat. Agyness Deyn- Who

[happens to be a cool song]

What I'm Wearing:

from left to right
skin-London revolution pale
Dress-K&Co chola dress
Jacket-&bean maps
Shoes-zero numer
Shirt-skipping stones fishy strawberry
Pants-Izumiya free leggings
Shoes- Maitreya frenzy
Shirt-ruffle shirt Armidi
Pants-Gigi couture ripped jeans
Shoes- wedge gladiator sandals by sakka studio
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer memories

Summer festivals in Japan are pretty cool!! so I pretty much wanted to take a picture of it! The kimono is super cute and it is from ami*s as well as the cute bag and the little food in my mouth is from love soul in the little cafe place! of course its not nearly close as to how pretty the fireworks are in Japan in the city! but I hope you like it!





what I am wearing:
Skin: Curio - petal June Pure
Hair: Junewave - Pompadourtail Brown
Kimono: [GM] yukata hanabi red
Bag: Ami*s freebie bag
Food: Lovesoul

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take Another Glance

I have alot of sl addictions, no not sl-cocaine, but mainly sl skins, shoes, and sl hair. But today, I am going to talk about some skins I found awhile ago. These skins are from Glance. I really like these skins. They are dramatic, they have a good variety of eyebrows, and I like the definition of texture on the skin.

Skins left to right
Skin #1

Skin: Glance - Doutzen Sugar
Hair: Truth - Sophia Honey
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs - Irrisistable

Skin #2

Skin: Glance - Denise Transformer
Hair: Zero Style - Maya Dark Chocolate
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs - Irrisistable

Skin #3

Skin: Glance - Britney Gold
Hair: Maitreya - Yasmin Caramel
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs - Magic

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chanel Fall 09 show ^^

Just a post of Karl Langerfeld's Pre Fall Fashion show that i loved! ^^ hehe enjoy!

Love cherrie :D

Beach bumm ..



Although Summer will be ending in a few short months, I believe During these hot days, We can enjoy ourselves and relax. Going to the beach, buying ice-cream, or going to the parks, as long as the weather is nice and sunny, We seem to have fun. So I could not miss the chance to post a summer pic! ^^ I happen to somehow have this cute blow-up-pool from +mocha+ and loved it! ^_^! There was a sale at Hucci !! where all items were 50% off and hence the cute bikini!! And The cute fedora hat is from Meriken Co. and I heart it as well!! Hope you likes and enjoy the rest of your summer!! :D

p.s The tote bag is from dp yum yum and its totaly cute but didn't get the Pics with it in it! >__<" srry

What I'm wearing:

(From left to right)

Skin: Redgrave - Pale skin 03 Jennifer

Hair: Maitreya hair - Yasmin - Coffee

Top: Hucci - beaded bikini pink

Bottoms: Emery - Denim short

Hat: Merkiken Co. - Straw hat

Shoes: Yorim's - sandal stripe _1*

Pool: +mocha+ - Vinyl pool (floaties included)

Skin: Redgrave - Pale skin 03 Jennifer

Hair: Maitreya Hair - Yasmin coffee

Top: **na-en** - Camisole (green)

Bottoms: Emery - Denim short

Hat: Merkiken Co. - straw hat

Shoes: Yorim's - sandal stripe _1*

Monday, August 3, 2009

For the love of Vintage

So here I am again, finding goodies in random places that I think are delightful. I am stuck in circa 75 but I also have love for items previous to that era. I looove vintage and I love emblems, crests, etc. We all know the military style is about to rock our socks off, so I thought that these little purses I found were the perfect accessory to a military jacket. Tell me what you think about these purses that I put on my eBay store.

Well, technically they are not purses but brief cases. This is the navy blue Belle Rose brief case. The colour is the perfect blend for a military jacket, since the whole mode is about more neutral colors and darker tones for the fall. The emblem logo is my favorite thing, it really stands out in the minimalistic style of the case. It is elegant, classy, and very unique.

The other brief case I found is by Dina Jordan. This one is much more lively. It is made of a green shined leather material that embossed roses all over the front and back exterior. The interior is a beautiful tan suede that matches perfectly. This case has another highly detailed emblem on the front as well as leather crosshatches on the bottom. It is such a unique piece and will exentuate any outfit that you wear with it. For a touch of colour, this is the perfect accesory.