Monday, October 12, 2009

Leather Crystals Studs

Leather, crystals,studs? Of course! You can't deny how leather is slowly taking over our closets. I just purchased this amazing leather jacket by Forever 21. Everyone knows Forever 21 because of their low prices and trendy items. This leather jacket is a must. The jacket is made out of a very realistic pleather, and comes with a lovely studded collar. What I love about this jacket is that you can pull up the sleeves and it holds a really great scrunched up look. The jacket only cost $50.00, which is not bad considering the studded detail.

I wore the jacket with a simple semi-transparent white v-neck shirt. These oversized shirts are necessary because they look good with anything! I mean absolutely everything! The jeans are by Silence & Noise, sold by Urban Outfitters, they are ripped and very skinny. They look great with practically everything and I got them on sale for $40!

 I want to make studded jeans, like the ones I made for Gigi Couture - but in real life. It would be great, but I need to find some jeans that I can experiment with. I want to destroy them and mess them up real bad. Hopefully, then they will come out beautiful.
D O     Y O U     L O V E     I T    ?
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