Monday, October 12, 2009

Acid With A Chance of Diamonds

Hey you?! Do you love Balmain? Do you love acid washed jeans?
If only we were all rich and could buy all the things we wanted. But..we're not and we are in a middle of this little thing called - a recession. So that's when you level up some skills. We call them..bargain hunting skills. I am level 25 right now. Every time I buy something on Ebay I get experience points, and after awhile I level up. Well, I got these fabulous Balmain Inspired sandals that I am selling right now on ebay. These are a must have and they make any outfit that much better.

I can just where a simple v-neck with some skinny acid wash pants - add some Balmain style - BAM! You get super cool.

Below are some picks of the sandals I am selling on ebay. They are pretty similar to the Balmain ones and have good quality crystals for the price. They are a size 8, and I never worn them because I accidently purchased two. My loss = your gain.

Well I am wearing some lovely BDG acid wash denim that was on sale for like $40. Then a cute oversized fit tank I bought at a small boutique with a blazer from some time ago I used to wear for work.


If you are interested in buying these sandals please visit My Little Ebay Store.
These are so awesome and very unique.

On sale on E-bay for $30
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