Monday, August 3, 2009

For the love of Vintage

So here I am again, finding goodies in random places that I think are delightful. I am stuck in circa 75 but I also have love for items previous to that era. I looove vintage and I love emblems, crests, etc. We all know the military style is about to rock our socks off, so I thought that these little purses I found were the perfect accessory to a military jacket. Tell me what you think about these purses that I put on my eBay store.

Well, technically they are not purses but brief cases. This is the navy blue Belle Rose brief case. The colour is the perfect blend for a military jacket, since the whole mode is about more neutral colors and darker tones for the fall. The emblem logo is my favorite thing, it really stands out in the minimalistic style of the case. It is elegant, classy, and very unique.

The other brief case I found is by Dina Jordan. This one is much more lively. It is made of a green shined leather material that embossed roses all over the front and back exterior. The interior is a beautiful tan suede that matches perfectly. This case has another highly detailed emblem on the front as well as leather crosshatches on the bottom. It is such a unique piece and will exentuate any outfit that you wear with it. For a touch of colour, this is the perfect accesory.

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