Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day in the Sun

Summer Dresses Gigi Couture

Sunshine hue sunshine grew

Shines its rays on




Sunshine light sunshine bright

Not a dark cloud close in sight

From left to right

Outfit #1

Dress: Gigi Couture Boho in White

Boots: Zero Number - Ami Brown

Hair: HTD - Lux Coffee

Skin: Vive 9 - Aoki Dark Purify

Outfit #2

Skin: Vive 9 - Aoki Dark Purify

Hair: Aoharu - Lauren

Sandals: UntoneQuilt - Gladiator Chocolate

Dress: Gigi Couture - Harvest Moon Rouged Dress

Outfit #3

Dress: Gigi Couture - Floral Oriental Layered Dress

Skin: Vive 9 - Aoki Dark Purify

Boots: J's - Vintage Short Boots

Hair: HTD - Lila Coffee

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