Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are YOU ready for school?

I know, we all hate it, but many of us have to return to school really soon. Weather its highschool, college, or beauty school, sometimes we just dream of having just a little bit longer vacation. Sometimes we wish we could have spent our vacation time more wisely as well. For example, myself, would have really liked to go out more, but there are rules and when the boyfriend is a thousand miles away ... trust me... there are alot of rules.

So as I spend my summer being a very good girl indeed, I decided to do a little back to school shopping.

Back To School Shopping

Outfits Left to Right

Outfit #1
Skin: LeLutka Moscow Makeup 7B
Backpack: HOC Apparel - Randoseru Japanese Backpack
Hair: Junwave Volume Tail Brown
School Uniform: Sweetest Goodbye School Girl Uniform Indigo Red
Shoes: Maggie - Take Sports Sneaker Gray
Socks: Sey - 4line Socks

Outfit #2
Skin: LeLutka London Revolution Makeup 4B
Booties: Italiano Street Woman High Ankle Boots
School Uniform: Sweetest Goodbye Shool Girl Uniform Black Brown
Hair: Aoharu Jessie Expresso
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